An enabler to food security across the continent

AGH - Afgri Group Holdings - is an investment holding company with interests in a number of food, agriculture and financial services related companies providing products and services to ensure sustainable agriculture and food security.

Food & Agricultural support and development are the cornerstone of our legacy

Since 1923 AGH – Afgri Group Holdings – has enabled agricultural production, always mindful of ensuring access to leading solutions, be these financial or related to inputs or technology. This foundation has warranted a leading role in ensuring food security for the continent.

From roots which developed in South Africa, underpinned by deep expertise in the grain value chain, AGH is able to take decades of experience and an understanding of the continent and disperse knowledge, access to finance and shared purpose of food security to assist in the support and growth of sustainable agriculture.

AGH now operates in 11 African countries as well as Western Australia, in which we’re making a meaningful contribution to financial services, food & agriculture and the grain value chain, whether through storage and post-harvest solutions, credit and other financial products, training, John Deere equipment, commodity marketing, collateral management or industrial foods processing.

Outside of North America, AGH’s agricultural investment AFGRI is the largest John Deere agency with an extensive presence in Africa and western Australia. This speaks strongly to the importance AGH and AFGRI place on relationships and in turn these relationships are extended to the end-users of this equipment, solutions and support – the farmer and associated food producing industries.

It is values such as this loyalty to our relationships and an absolute dedication to ensuring food security, that put AGH on a path of growth ensuring all investments contribute to this mission.

From inception, AGH has pledged assistance and support to the agricultural sector, assisting farmers with all their agricultural needs. This includes steadfast support to all farmers and food producers big or small and the development, training and mentorship of emerging farmers. With our commitment to being an enabler to food security, we ensure that we are there for farmers and food producers, the life-line to food security.

Through Harvest Time Investments AGH has embarked on an immensely successful training and mentorship programme for emerging farmers in South Africa and across the continent in support of our dedication to food & agricultural sector development and transformation.

This commitment and support means that within the community AGH’s investments need to play a role. This is done through various levels of support be it through education, financial assistance, mentorships, donations or most importantly, giving our time. Community participation is important to AGH and its investments.

AFGRI Management Services

AFGRI Management Services provides management and administrative services to AGH and its various group companies.

Service Offering:
  • Group Secretariat Services
  • Internal Audit & Investigation
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • HR Services
  • IT Services
  • Shared Services

Our Investments

AGH’s investment philosophy is to create long-term value through targeted investments in four strategic pillars: agriculture, food, financial services and impact.

In support of the vision to contribute to sustainable food security, a full spectrum of investments forms the base of our group which ensures food producers, farmers and companies involved in agriculture have access to finance, insurance, storage, equipment and inputs, feeds, retail, processing of oils and grains, technology and sustainable farmer development.

AGH exists to enhance the sustainable competitive position and growth potential of its business investments and is set to expand, all the while, with the fundamental purpose of being an enabler to food security across the continent.

Besides the value-adding intervention in its operating companies, which defines the group’s business model, AGH leadership sets the policies, approval frameworks and related oversight processes that promote governance, transparency, disclosure and communication.

Strategic Pillars

  • Agriculture

    AFGRI is a leading agricultural services company with core competencies to enhance, support and guide the growth of agricultural enterprises.

    We provide services across the entire grain production and storage cycle, offering financial support and solutions as well as inputs and hi-tech equipment through the John Deere brand supported by a large retail footprint.

    Business Segments:

    Grain Management, Equipment, Farmer Finance & Insurance, Retail and New-era Farmer Development

    AFGRI International operates AFGRI Mauritius Holdings, a South African-based company which holds AFGRI Mauritius Investment Limited as well as the AFGRI related companies that operate in Australia. AFGRI Mauritius Investment Limited, is incorporated in Mauritius and holds the investee companies throughout Africa.

  • Food

    Philafrica is an investment company involved in food processing with a vision to unlock the potential of Africa’s high-potential agricultural lands through food processing.

    At Philafrica Foods, there is a belief that the most effective way to transform African agriculture is market pull through processing plants. But to do this well in Africa, it’s critical to support each stage of the value chain and care for all stakeholders.

    Business Segments:

    Cassava Processing, Grain Milling, Oil & Protein, Dog Food Production, Poultry Mozambique, Animal Feed Production

  • Financial Services

    GroCapital Holdings is the bank holding company for the recently acquired South African Bank of Athens (SABA).

    This banking license will deepen AGH’s reach in the financial services, agribusiness and foods sectors in South Africa. Financial services are a key enabler for these sectors and will help businesses grow and drive food security.

    The South African Bank of Athens has been operational in South Africa since 1947. The bank offers comprehensive traditional business banking such as lending, transaction banking and treasury functions, as well as alliance, business and international banking. It is known for its focus on the development of market-leading, niche transactional banking offerings in partnership with businesses.

    GroCapital Advisory Services offer advice on the full range of strategic transactions, comprising Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Raising and BEE ownership transactions.

    In addition, we provide our investment portfolio, of companies just outside the direct scope of AGH’s four strategic pillars, with a comprehensive advisory approach that draws from our strengths in providing strategic and tactical know-how, industry knowledge, and utilising our extensive food & agriculture network to strengthen our invested companies.

    Investment Portfolio:

    AFGRI Technology Services, GroCapital Financial Services, CMI – Collateral Management International

  • Impact

    Harvest Time Investments
    Ukufeza Ikhono | Unlocking potential

    We understand that the perfect farm takes passion, dedication and sometimes just that little bit extra, and that’s why AGH is proud to support South Africa’s new-era farmers through our training and development programme, hosted within Harvest Time Investments.

    Download the CSI brochure 

“we strive for a world free from hunger and malnutrition, where food and agriculture contribute to improving the living standards of all, especially the poorest, in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner”.

- FAO vision

Our Footprint

AGH, through its invested companies, now operates in 11 African countries as well as Western Australia, in which we’re making a meaningful contribution to food & agriculture and the grain value chain.

Whether through storage and post-harvest solutions, credit and other financial products, emerging training & mentoring, John Deere equipment, commodity marketing, collateral management or industrial food processing.

  • Cote d’Ivoire

  • Ghana

  • Congo

  • Uganda

  • Tanzania

  • Zambia

  • Mozambique

    AFGRI & Philafrica
  • Zimbabwe

    AFGRI & Philafrica
  • Botswana

  • South Africa

    GroCapital Advisory Services, GroCapital Holdings, AFGRI, Philafrica & Harvest Time Investments
  • Mauritius

    AFGRI International
  • Australia


AGH Leadership

While operating as a private company in an unlisted environment would typically accommodate less stringent oversight, AGH deems it prudent to maintain the high level of corporate governance expected of a public company.

The Executive Team is responsible for defining and achieving the business objectives, the strategy and the profit performance. It is also responsible for ensuring compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations, controlling the risks connected with the business activities of its investments and financing these activities.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Executive Team acts in both the interests of its own organisation and of its investments. The Executive Team renders accountability to the Board of AFGRI Holdings.


Chris Venter

Chris Venter

Group Chief Executive Officer
Rivasha Maharaj

Rivasha Maharaj

Group Chief Financial Officer
Pieter Badenhorst

Pieter Badenhorst

Group Legal Director
Thabi Nkosi

Thabi Nkosi

Executive Director: Research, Business Development & Investments
Mulco Manyama

Mulco Manyama

Executive Director: Stakeholder Management

Corporate Governance


AGH is 100% owned by AFGRI HOLDINGS, a private holding company with shareholding by Fairfax Financial Holdings, the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), a Broad Based BEE consortium – Bafepi Agri Proprietary Limited and management.

Trade unions that represent Group employees may inspect section 45 resolutions at the office of the Company Secretary during office hours, on prior request and with reasonable notice.


AGH is a level 3 B-BBEE contributor. The Group was rated under the revised Agri BEE sector code.

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(The Promotion of Access to Information Act)

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